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The seemingly mismatched cabbage and sundried tomato, here blend perfectly, creating the most ... alternative hake fillet suggestion you've ever tasted!

The beloved recipe for the fans of seafood and ...not only promises to '' get you drunk '' with its aromas!

A totally Mediterranean cooking proposal for chicken, highlights the tender chicken legs giving them a more spicy sense, thanks to Palmie gastronomy’s olive sauce!

A recipe that boosts the fine taste of the fillet, with the help of the special saffron sauce which you can find only in Palmie gastronomy.

Perfect ouzo delicasy, with unique aromas and taste, promises to drunk you... literally and figuratively!

The favorite fish of the Mediterranean nations, combined ideally with an indulgent creamy saffron sauce.

Orzo with mushrooms, kefalograviera cheese and sundried tomato Palmie gastronomy!

Taste that ... lifts!

Alternative recipe of pork fillet, with the special '' touch '' of tahini sauce Palmie gastronomy.

Prepare your palate for one ticklish experience!

The rooster in wine sauce is a traditional dish honored mainly in the Peloponnese.

Recipe by '' hand '' Tasos Tolis.

The beloved traditional delicacy is the perfect accompaniment to some ouzo or wine.

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